Margaritaville Review- Puerto Rico

Burger Review 2/14

5 o’clock Burger

While at the resort I’m staying at in Puerto Rico, I decided to venture to the poolside café, and order myself a delectable cheeseburger. Now folks, this wasn’t no ordinary cheeseburger. This patty was met not only with cheese, but it was slathered between bacon, ham, and an egg. You simply cannot go wrong getting bacon on a cheeseburger, and egg is slightly common, but I have never consumed a cheeseburger with ham on it. I actually really enjoyed the ham; however, the egg was a bad choice. This was because it was runny and showered the bun and patty with its juice. Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the egg on the burger because it adds a very zesty taste. I prefer the egg over easy, so it doesn’t create such a mess. The bun became soggy, which wasn’t enjoyable. The burger itself was a tad undercooked, which is direct no in my book. There is nothing in this world I would like besides a well-cooked burger with a Pepsi on the side with ice. Keeping mind everything, I would consider the 5 o’clock burger at Margaritaville extremely average, deserving a score of 6.2/10.