Sobelmans Review

Sobelmans, Milwaukee – The Sobelman Burger

I would classify Sobelmans as a sports bar. TV’s fill the air, and if its late at night, their will most likely be a sporting event on. The vibe you feel is electric and contagious. The energy is upbeat due to the loud music and conversation buzzing. Considered as one of Milwaukee’s best burger joints, Sobelmans does not disappoint. The menu offers a wide variety of famous burgers (15 exactly). I ordered The Sobelman which entails American, Swiss and cheddar cheese with bacon, fried onions, and diced jalapeños. I’m not a big fan of spices, so I opted out of the Jalapeños. Don’t worry if you don’t dabble with spices as well, there is plenty of other flavors to enjoy. When you get a burger, and a toothpick is holding it all in place, you know you are in for a treat. With the first bite, you immediately taste the variety of cheeses in the burger. For a Wisconsin burger, this is premium. The patty itself is cooked to perfection. It’s well done with little to no burnt edges. I am also a big fan of the bacon on the burger. It isn’t chewy, but it also isn’t too crispy. It’s a perfect medium. The burger also comes with French fries on the side. I would describe them as very crispy, which is the best kind. Lathered with ketchup, it’s a wonderful delight. All in all, I would say that Sobelmans lives up to the hype and deserves an overall score of 9.1/10.