Wild Commons Burger Review

Wild Commons- Marquette University

This review excites me tremendously because I have generally considered the dorm food at Marquette questionable. Sodexo (campus food provider) has been commonly known as providing students with rather disgusting food on campus, so I decided it would be a grand burger to review. My freshman year, some Marquette students created an Instagram account, where they post pictures containing some of the items that have been found within some of their food. Some of the items include: workers hair, a bolt, undercooked chicken meat, and plenty of others. These expectations were shattered. I actually really enjoyed the cheeseburger. In the back of Wild Commons, by the barbecue line, they have their own grill for grilling chicken breast and other meats. I asked for a burger with cheddar cheese and bacon on the side. The burger was nearly cooked to perfection, with the exception of being a tad overcooked. This is actually unusual, because I usually find the opposite. This being said, I would rather have my burger overcooked than undercooked. The sides were definitely a little charred, but the inside was golden. The cheese perfectly melted onto the patty. On top of the cheese some juicy bacon rested. Now is where things get interesting… the bun. At McCormick Hall (the previous freshman dorm)the bread that they used for the buns were tragically horrendous; I always kept very low expectations before entering. That being because they were super crunchy. The buns at Wild Commons were soft, which is one of the best things a burger bun can possess. I also added barbecue sauce on the side, which added a flavorful kick. All together, Wild Commons burger receives an unexpected overall rating of 7.1/10.

White Chocolate Grill BBQ Burger Review

White Chocolate Grill- Phoenix, AZ

Wow, I am somewhat speechless. White Chocolate Grill was undeniably spectacular. The whole vibe going on at that restaurant is dynamite. For one, the wait wasn’t long at all, the food and beverages came out extremely quickly, and once we were done with our main course the dessert was luxurious. It might be pricey for some, but let me tell you first hand that it is worth the coin. WCG is a classy sit down restaurant with great decor and ambiance. However, this is a burger review so I will stick to talking about such. I ordered the BBQ bacon burger which contained smoked bacon, BBQ sauce (silver cup in picture), shredded cheddar cheese, and diced onion. Lets start with the cheese. This cheese was unique in the fact that it was shredded into little pieces, which was distributed evenly across the top of the patty. Ladies and gentleman, I am a huge fan of this. I honestly don’t know why it was so good, but it just was! Now, the patty was delectable. Every morning, WCG grinds their chuck roast, and then grills it over live hardwood. That chef deserves an award, my goodness. I was utterly mesmerized by the flavor I was consuming. It contained the perfect amount of flavor. It was juicy, but not overly juicy, and cooked well, but not overcooked. Not to mention, it came with BBQ sauce on the side, and I also asked for ketchup and ranch. This allows you to try the different flavors and give your taste buds a ride of their lifetime. Moving on, the sesame seed bun was the perfect call for this burger. It was a nice and warm welcome to the mouth which was seemingly perfect. All in all, I would highly recommend going to a WGC near you. They are located in Phoenix, Naperville, and Denver. Overall score of 8.8/10

McDonald’s Burger Review

McDonalds- Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee

This review might stir up some controversy with my followers… I can get very heated over my views of cheeseburgers. I would describe McDonald’s burgers as mediocre at best on a good day. First, lets go over some of the positives: Almost always takes under 10 minutes from ordering to consumption, significantly affordable, always hot, and the bun is actually very decent. That’s about it. To start off, I can’t tell you how many pickles I have had to take off a McDonald’s burger after informing the cashier that I prefer my burgers without pickles. Putting pickles on a cheeseburger is straight torture. I would rather drink ketchup straight out of the bottle. On top of that, the patty itself is very bland. Never in my entire life have I eaten a single McDonald’s burger and felt as if I could not eat another because I was full. The patty is so small. The meat is also derived from animal parts that customers shouldn’t be aware of. I would describe the burger as extremely dry, and lacks flavor. One of the most important qualities a burger can possess is its flavor, and McDonald’s decides to give none. They only care about being quick and cheap, which doesn’t allow the customer to enjoy a nice juicy burger. However, I will say that McDonald’s has some amazing soda and fries. Other than that, your better off staying home eating leftovers. If you are on a cheap diet and like flavorless burgers, McDonald’s is nearly on every block in the country, so walk in and indulge yourself. Overall rating: 2.3/10