McDonald’s Burger Review

McDonalds- Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee

This review might stir up some controversy with my followers… I can get very heated over my views of cheeseburgers. I would describe McDonald’s burgers as mediocre at best on a good day. First, lets go over some of the positives: Almost always takes under 10 minutes from ordering to consumption, significantly affordable, always hot, and the bun is actually very decent. That’s about it. To start off, I can’t tell you how many pickles I have had to take off a McDonald’s burger after informing the cashier that I prefer my burgers without pickles. Putting pickles on a cheeseburger is straight torture. I would rather drink ketchup straight out of the bottle. On top of that, the patty itself is very bland. Never in my entire life have I eaten a single McDonald’s burger and felt as if I could not eat another because I was full. The patty is so small. The meat is also derived from animal parts that customers shouldn’t be aware of. I would describe the burger as extremely dry, and lacks flavor. One of the most important qualities a burger can possess is its flavor, and McDonald’s decides to give none. They only care about being quick and cheap, which doesn’t allow the customer to enjoy a nice juicy burger. However, I will say that McDonald’s has some amazing soda and fries. Other than that, your better off staying home eating leftovers. If you are on a cheap diet and like flavorless burgers, McDonald’s is nearly on every block in the country, so walk in and indulge yourself. Overall rating: 2.3/10